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At Marden’s, we live for the thrill of the deal. We believe that every visit should be an exhilarating adventure filled with savings and unexpected finds. Our unique approach to inventory sourcing means that you never know what treasures await you around each corner. From quirky home goods to gadgets and everything in between, each Marden’s location is a retail playground where bargains and surprises are abundant.

We’re not just a store; we’re an experience that keeps you on your toes, ready to uncover incredible deals and unexpected finds. Embark on a thrilling bargain-hunting journey at your local Marden’s, where the excitement of the unexpected, at shockingly deep discounts, awaits you!

Where the elite Meet
and the Misers mingle

An Experience
For everyone

Every day and every store is different! Each location offers exciting new products at surprisingly low prices. When asked what we sell in our stores, Mickey Marden often replied, “anything we don’t have to feed! – I had five kids.” That statement is still true. From clothing, food, and fabric to flooring, furniture, footwear, hardware, and mattresses, you never know what you’ll find — and that’s all part of the fun.

We’re always bringing in new merchandise, and with our great deals, it goes fast — what’s here today might be gone tomorrow. Don’t get caught saying, “I should’ve bought it when I saw it!”


Most of our inventory comes from surplus, salvage, and overstock lots. It’s all of the good stuff with none of the gimmicks.

When a retailer’s goods are exposed to an insured hazard, e.g., smoke or water damage, they must clean the slate and clear out their inventory. This is what is referred to as “insurance salvage.” We get the call, salvage what’s still good, buy it all, and put it on our shelves at deeply discounted prices. We’re a reactionary business, with our buyers often taking flight at the drop of a hat to evaluate and pack up deals from all over the country.

This “finger-on-the-pulse” business model allows us to stock all sorts of unexpected goods, from high-end designer clothing and top-of-the-line bicycles to big brand jacuzzi tubs (and everything in between)— when it has to go, we sell it at shockingly low prices! Their loss is truly your gain.

Whatever you find in our stores, it’s sure to be a bargain. If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, bring it back with your receipt, and we’ll give you your money back.

A Bargain Hunter’s Paradise
SINCE 1964

When it comes to an endless variety of deals, Mainers know Marden’s is the place to go. Our family-owned business was started in 1964 by Harold “Mickey” Marden with the mission of offering customers a deal.

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