What exactly is Marden’s?

Where are all the Marden’s located?

Is Marden's currently hiring?

Does Marden’s offer gift cards?

How does Marden’s acquire the merchandise it sells?

Do all the locations have the same items?

Which store locations are full-service stores?

How often does Marden’s get new items?

Is everything in the store damaged?

What is Marden’s return policy?

If I’m from an area that doesn’t pay sales tax and I shop at Marden’s, do I still have to pay Maine’s sales tax?

What is Marden’s check cashing policy?

What is your exchange rate if I want to use Canadian currency to make my purchase?

Does Marden’s ship its merchandise to the customer?

Does Marden’s offer online sales?

Does Marden’s do any charitable donating?

Does Governor Lepage own, or have any stake in Marden’s?

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